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Digital Twin Studios partners with Alo Yoga on its first NFT collection 

Alo Yoga, a digital-first lifestyle brand and the official wellness partner of New York Fashion Week makes its foray into NFTs with the launch of their first ready-to-wear Aspen Collection. Alo is one of the fastest growing activewear retailers that has consistently pushed to engage consumers in new ways. They are the first fashion & lifestyle brand to leverage HyperMint, MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform, for easy NFT purchases via email check-out. The wellness brand is partnering with Digital Twin Studios to bring the NYFW experience to life.

The unveiling of the Aspen Collection will take place at NYFW on September 10th at 1:00 p.m EST. With each purchase, consumers will not only receive the physical piece of clothing but also an NFT that serves as a digital certificate of authenticity. “The Alo Aspen Collection is an experience in itself, where luxury meets high performance. Being able to try the collection in real-time via AR, and receiving an immutable certificate of ownership not only elevates the purchasing experience, but also elevates the authenticity, transparency and security of our products and creates the building blocks to provide lifetime value and rewards to our most loyal customers.” Angelic Vendette, VP & Head of Marketing at Alo Yoga. In addition to owning this unique NFT, customers will be granted VIP experiences ranging from having your own private client manager who will walk you through the latest Alo collection and provide you with a personalized shopping experience, as well as unlocking future experiences at Alo Houses and exclusive access to the Alo Wellness Clubs.

Alo Yoga has teamed up with Digital Twin Studios, an agency on a mission to onboard and educate consumers about blockchain technology in a way that enhances existing commerce models. “Our intention is for traditional Alo consumers to understand the benefits of holding this NFT and carry out the transaction in a way that remains authentic to the Alo brand. Alo has a massive opportunity to make NFTs and blockchain technology become mainstream because of the way they engage and connect to their target consumers,” said Natalie Soto-Wright, Co-Founder of Digital Twin Studios. 

Alo is built on significant pillars — wellness and lifestyle — but the community piece is what brings everything together. As a digital-first company, Alo has created innovative and immersive experiences that engage their loyal consumer base such as Alo House, Alo Moves and the Alo Sanctuary. “We believe that Alo’s customer base can benefit greatly from the brand’s evolving web3 strategy – serving as an additional touch point for customers to engage with the brand”, says co-founder Adrianna Soto-Wright. 

Alo’s wellness community has grown significantly and with this growth the brand has focused on offering approachable ways for their customers to interact with blockchain technology. They recently announced their acceptance of cryptocurrency on their native website and they’re among the first in fashion retail to also give its workforce the option to convert their earnings to cryptocurrency. The wellness brand is just getting started in this space and their Aspen Collection marks a monumental moment in their web3 journey.